Ways to Enhance Human Capital Development
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Ways to Enhance Human Capital Development

Human capital development is essential and beneficial to both the employee and the employer because it aims at enhancing employee productivity through proper knowledge acquisition.

Human capital development is essential and beneficial to both the employee and the employer. It creates avenues to enhance employee skills and helps in enhancing employee zeal and motivation. The resultant effect would be greater staff loyalty and enhanced productivity. It is important for an organization that values growth to engage in the human capital development as it not only increases the skills of its workforce but it also serves as a morale booster and gives employees a sense of belonging and self fulfillment.

Here are simple ways of achieving human capital development.

Orientation Programs

The purpose of an orientation exercise is to enlighten new employees on their new working environment. They gain valuable insight on the organization, its business philosophy and its products or services. They also get to know key members of staff, the management chain of command, the various departments or sections and how they are interlinked.


A workshop is an avenue used to teach staff new skill sets. For instance, An IT Company looking to expand its business dealings could opt to have some of its employees attend a Data Management workshop. The aim would be to better equip them for the impending expansion.

Seminars and Lectures

These are quite similar to the workshop exercises. They provide the employee a platform to network with experts bearing similar job functions from other organizations. A properly conducted lecture or seminar could lead to an exchange of ideas, tips or techniques which would enhance the employee’s efficiency on the job.

Job Rotation Exercises

Job rotation exercises are an essential part of human capital development. Imagine having a receptionist assuming the role of a quality controls manager. Without having proper exposure to this position, such a shift would be both stressful and disastrous. The essence of job rotation exercises is to acquaint the staff with the functions and activities of any given job function within the organization. This leaves the employee better exposed and equipped for any challenges that may be encountered on the job in the future.

The ultimate goal of any human capital development is to enhance productivity through knowledge acquisition. In the long-run, both the employee and employer have something to gain from it.

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