Tips to Avoid Dull Meetings
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Tips to Avoid Dull Meetings

A meeting to be successful must have employeesÂ’ full involvement and active participation. Meeting organizers must see to it that they donÂ’t end up organizing a dull meeting, otherwise meeting attendees will be hesitant and uninterested to participate as they are overpowered by boredom and would want to find a way out instead.


A dull meeting is one of the most hated business gatherings of most employees. Considering that a meeting involves discussions and exchange of ideas, it can already be a bit dull for some employees who are uninterested if the issue doesn’t concerned their work or department. With the usual setting wherein the manager is talking for so long and the rest are just listening, this meeting can be boring. A dull and boring meeting will discourage employees to actively participate in the open discussion. Without the active involvement of employees in business meetings, the purpose of the gathering is not served well. For a change, it is time to add some excitement, life and fun in business meetings to awaken interest of employees and to encourage their active involvement. Here are some suggestions on how to make meetings more exciting and eliminate dullness at the same time:

  • Prepare foods on the table. This is something that can give excitement to the employees. Knowing that there is something to eat whether before or after the meeting is a big motivation that can make employees look forward to the said meeting.
  • To get the attention of everyone, share a joke or funny story at the beginning of the meeting. This is very effective to keep everyone engage and awake at the very start. If you can, try to link the story when you introduce the meeting’s topic.
    • Organize a group activity to let employees bond and get to know each other more. If the theme of the meeting is about teamwork, come up with a team building activity. If you have newly hired employees, you can plan an icebreaker activity to help them interact and get to know the other employees.
    • Encourage all employees to share their ideas or suggestions. To make this fun, make use of a ball. Let an employee throw a ball to his co-worker as a sign that he is giving the floor to this person to share his opinion.  After his turn, he can toss the ball to the other person signifying that it is his turn to talk now and so on. This is a fun way to get everyone involve in the meeting.
    • If the meeting is too long, take a short break and give employees time to socialize with the others.
    • Keep meetings interesting by using variety of approaches like the Question and Answer portion, slide viewing or presentation and video watching.

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