The Entrepreneurial Director Leadership Style
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The Entrepreneurial Director Leadership Style

Abstract: There are many personality types in existence. People of all kinds have to work together in the workplace. While everyone can find traits they have in common with others, each person is unique. In addition, each person has a specific leadership style even if they are not in a leadership position. It's important to understand your leadership style. This article discusses the entrepreneurial director leadership style.

I believe my main leadership style is best described by the Entrepreneurial and Directing definitions. However, I like using all four leadership styles depending on what the situation calls for.  I will explain why I think these leadership styles best describe me and give examples of characteristics.


One reason I mainly begin using the entrepreneurial and directing styles is because the leader naturally takes charge of a situation without needing direction or input from anyone. At this basic level, I won’t necessarily understand what team member leadership styles are or how the situation will best be navigated. However, once I understand what I am working with, I believe adjusting the leadership style for the best fit according to the team skills and situation makes a lot of sense. Another reason I use the entrepreneurial and directing styles most often is because I have a visionary personality type. This personality type is very good at seeing the forest and the trees of a situation. I tend to have and or develop a very complete understanding of anything I take an interest in. I am very good at seeing the big picture as well as all the little intricate details of a situation. This automatically gives me a leg up on most situations I get involved in. Much of the time, when someone brings ideas or suggestion up concerning an issue or project, I have already considered and weighed them. In addition, one of the strengths of my personality type is competence. I tend to be very good at almost everything I do. This is partly true because I am very good at seeing the whole picture of a situation, task or project. I use this understanding to make sure I know what, how, and the best way to do something.


The entrepreneurial leadership style involves many characteristics. First, I have a strong desire to achieve while taking reasonable risks. Second, I have a high degree of enthusiasm and creativity for the things I am interested in. Third, I like to act quickly when opportunities arise. Fourth, I tend to be constantly in a hurry and can be impatient.I know working ahead is so important because business is very competitive. Fifth, I tend to have a visionary perspective with a tenacious will to achieve. I believe life is what you make it. Sixth, I don't necessarily care for hierarchies or bureaucracies if they slow things down or make achieving more difficult. Seventh, I understand that dealing with customers is very important to the bottom line. I like efficiency within an organization and like to expect co-workers to be competent. I can be more understanding with customers than with co-workers even if I don't say anything about it. Eighth, I have an eye on the future and am usually thinking about future plans even before I complete current plans and activities. In other words, I am always reaching ahead.

I think I use the directing leadership style because I am focused on achieving. I work alone most of the time and give myself direction concerning what is expected. For example, I set specific goals. In addition, I make sure to completely understand everything I am involved in. I think this helps me do a more thorough job and understand the whole picture including the consequences of not achieving. Furthermore I am good at obtaining all the relevant information necessary to do a good job and can create and structure activities and goals to improve the chances of success. I like to play ahead and see potential consequences to specific actions when developing my game plan for success.

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