Got Talent Issues
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Got Talent Issues

Applicant tracking software is an excellent solution to the problem of the problematic hiring process.

Now here’s a dilemma. You just lost one of your best talent. I mean she was great, she did everything when asked, she knew how to get to certain clients even when it seemed like the deal was lost, she would find solutions where there seemed to be none, she was always smiling even in tough times, and she made sure everybody had coffee in the afternoon without fail. Now she’s up and left you for another boss because you didn’t give her that raise she wanted. Boy, companies play dirty these days, just walk right in and pay her twice what you were paying her. How exactly are you going to replace her anyway, have you thought about that? You’re going to be digging through a lot of applications to find an office manager that good. You could hire a recruiting or temp agency but those could be costly options and besides you only need one person for now. Or you could put up a help wanted sign and dig your way through applicant after applicant who are probably not qualified for the job. Or…

Did you know there are applicant-tracking systems out there? They are cost effective ways of finding that talent you need when you need it. Best of all you only need to have it loaded on your server, configure it and let your HR department know that it’s there. All you do from there on out is simply place your ads and wait for the system to pick through the resumes and applications and find you that talent your office so desperately need. Now instead of always calling temp agencies when you need to find workers or recruiting companies and paying them your hard earn money you can simply set your talent bloodhound to hunt and let it find your talent. Before long your office will be singing and dancing just like the old days. Just make sure you pay this person a competitive salary so you don’t have to go through this again.

The best part of owning your own applicant tracking system is that it could with online recruitment software and recruitment management software to let your HR department easily handle the hiring process. You wont have to worry about costly recruiting companies for some of your hires and it wont take as long to find talent as it used to as the software will match resumes and applicants to your specific needs. Now you can find that talent on and other career websites by letting your bloodhound cost effective software dig through all the profiles and find you that person that’s just right for the job you have in mind. If you will be looking to hire soon, maybe this is something you should think about getting for your Human Resources department.


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